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In 1944, the Suitors moved to the ranch in Cessford from Queenstown, AB (by Blackie/High River). They raised black angus cattle which they continue to do today. At that time, they had 80 grade thoroughbred mares and a registered thoroughbred stallion by the name of Cortez Boy.

King Leo BarAbout 1964, the Suitors sold all the thoroughbred horses and bought a quarter horse stallion named Poco B Andy From George Golden. Poco B Andy later sold to Curry Cattle Co along with six broodmares from Suitors. Currys also bought a stallion named Kilobar Jack from Suitors (by King Leo Bar and Smarty Jackie). This transaction provided the Curry ranch with their start in the Quarter Horse business.

The Suitors also bought, around that time, 10 mares bred to King Leo Bar. (King Leo Bar was by Leo Bar and Totsey-H) from Ken Paget of the Two Rivers Ranch. And that was the start of the Suitor Quarter Horse program.

Joe DouglasOne of the stallions Suitors raised was Waspy King Bar by King Leo Bar and out a mare called Petite Wasp. They used him for several years. Waspy King Bar later died at the ranch. The Suitor Ranch bought Joe Douglas (by Leo Bar and a mare called Pesa Moore) from the Douglas Lake Cattle Co. He was later sold to Dick Pahl along with 10 broodmares from Suitors. That was the start of Pahl's quarter horses.

The Suitors raised another stallion by the name of Kilobar Wasp who was by King Leo Bar and out of Roja Wasp who was later sold to Bill Yeast then later, leased back to Suitors to use at home on some of the Suitor mares.

Barry SwiftAlso raised at the Suitor Ranch, was a stallion named Wander Bar (by Waspy King Bar and a mare named Undercurrent). He was later sold to Happy Campbell to use on Happy's mares.

The Suitors then bought a stallion named Wild Wind Tivio. He was by Wild Wind and out of a Tivio mare. Wild Wind Tivio died at the ranch. Next, they bought Mr Dude Jack (by Blondy's Dude and out of a mare named Two Eyed Dotty) from Howard Pitzer from Nebraska. Mr Dude Jack later died of old age at the ranch. They also bought a stallion named Bit O Tivio (by Otoe's Gent and out of a mare called Tam Tivio) from Jerome Fischer. Bit O Tivio died of injuries sustained at the ranch at a late age.

Swift Darkness by Barry SwiftSuitors then bought Swift Darkness who was by Barry Swift and out a mare named Seeker's Dr Sue from Diane Jackson. He is still breeding mares at the ranch today. They also took one of the ranch-raised mares (Tona Dude Wasp) down to Oregon to breed to Skip Zan Parr and got a colt by the name of Zans Two Eyed Dude. The colt was used on the ranch as a stallion for a few years then later sold to Tom Vant for a stallion.

AR Missin CashThe Ranch recently purchased a horse by the name of AR Missin Cash (by Miss n Cash and out of a mare called Little Babi Pep) from Tom Tamcke from Montana. AR Miss N Cash still being used for breeding at the ranch.

A few selected Suitors mares were taken to Plain Special (by Send Cash and out of the mare Ritzy and Racy) for breeding. From Texas originally, Plain Special is standing there once again as a stallion.

In 2006, the Suitors purchased another stallion called Ima a Little Hottie (by Hot Colours and out of Rayel Robinson's Pro Barrel Racing mare, Ima Copper Bug Too) from Grant Little. Ima a Little Hottie will be used at the ranch for breeding mares.


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